Monday, July 11, 2016

Alternative definition of health

Let me start of by asking you first these questions. What does your life mean to you? Are you happy by the things going on with your life? Have you achieved any of the goal that you always wanted? In someway or another; would you consider that you are satisfied in what you have right now? You may wonder?! what's all these questions got to do with my health? Actually my friend it does! Would it make sense and would you agree if I tell you that; the success of your health is in direct correlation with the present state of your life.

The best example I could ever give you

Okay! Let's pretend that our government really care for our health, but it's hard to pretend right! As we give them our hard earned money thru state income tax, what do we get in return? False hope! there is still an ever-growing increase in the number of persons having cancer, diabetes, and heart problems. It's just the same with our life, as we agreed earlier that our health depends on the way we live, if we pretend that we are doing fine in life, all we will get is false hope.

Let's go to the extreme! If you are a drug addict; if you don't change,you don't have a life what more a health. A criminal has no life unless he change or get killed, doesn't care for health. A drunk has no family, he only cares about himself, no need again for health. Etc... We only battle ourselves no body can help us, but ourselves.

“If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always gotten”

Our common belief about health

Traditionally, our basic understanding of health is that; health is the absence of a disease. Most of the time when people get asked about what's being healthy means to them? The most common response you'll get is, Hey! I feel good, I look good, I'm asymptomatic. You'll notice; all given answers are base on feelings. Regardless of what we know today, the fact is that; none has really taught us on how to live healthy!

So what is health and how it is related in the way we live? What are the factors that affect our health and the ways we can do to improve it? Health and healthy are words we often use a lot, we hear a lot, and people talk about it all the time. Is it really that hard to know what is health and what being healthy means? Is there more to health as we know it?

“Health is our most important asset”

Imagine a guy; in his prime, he goes to the gym regularly, eats healthy and follows a strict diet, has a big house and a fancy car, he is a successful company executive, but his downside is; he's narcissistic, has a gambling problem, always in a failed relationship, everybody hates him at work.

Then we have this guy on his 60's, who is suffering from rheumatism and can barely walk; but you won't see him in pain because he always smiles, he also has a heart problem and takes medications. He doesn't have much money; he lives in a decent house with his wife who love's him dearly, and they're full of happiness. His children respect him and thankful to him because he gave them proper education and now are all successful in their field. He still volunteers as a coach of their community basketball team to help kids to stay away from drugs and alcohol. All in the community admires him for what his doing.

Which among the two guys do you think is healthy? The first guy is physically and economically better, but in his mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspect of his health; he is terrible. On the other hand, the second guy is the total opposite of the first guy. He excels in the mental, emotional, spiritual and social but has a poor physical health.

You may say I like the older guy much better because his life is meaningful even though he's in a poor health condition, I totally agree with you, because he has a life, but what if the younger guy change, fixed his way of life, stops being arrogant, and actually change for the better.

"No body will tell you to have a health man! They will actually tell you have a life man!"

Healthis no longer just the absence of a disease and prolonging your life,health is; the ability to live with a purpose and not limiting your possibilities. It's about time to pause and reflect on our life, change for the better and experience the good things the world can offer. health is actually how you live your life! your health is your life, and life is health.

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